Planning & Consulting

Performing artists are now taking to the road more than ever, while the world becomes an ever more complex place. Please contact our us to get started on any of our services.

We know the live entertainment and touring industries and entertainment work immigration policies. We apply our experience and expertise to solve our clients complex visa and immigration problems, or help them to avoid them, all together. Securing the proper work and immigration documentation for global entertainment work is no longer so simple as filling out a form and dropping it in the mail or at a consulate for a few days.

Considerations such as foreign work pre-authorizations, lead time, logistics of submitting proper documents to various Embassies and Consulates as well as restrictions on issued visas can throw a wrench into a world tour. Our office can work with you from the planning stages to ensure that as many requisite processes are happening on time and concurrently as possible, allowing artists and support crew to maximize their touring schedules and reach as many audiences as possible.