Athletic / Sporting Events

Global Access provides strategic guidance to professional athletes, coaches and support staff, who participate in prize winning based competitions, professional sporting and industry events.
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Professional sporting events and organizations can require participates to obtain advanced travel documentation in popular international competitions, tournaments and organized sports activities.

Our Global Access team provides strategic planning and travel documentation coordination for professional athletes, coaches, and industry personnel who participate in prize winning based competitions, professional sporting and industry events.  Service needs can be determined by the sporting event activity, traveler's nationality traveler and sporting regulations of the participating country.  

Our dedicated representatives work with sport industry representatives and foreign governing and/or promotional organizations to reduces the logistical headaches and risks to ensure the athlete’s energy is focused for the competition ahead. 


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United States – Athletic visas

B-1 Visas (Prize Money)
Professional athletes, such as golfers, tennis players and auto racers, who receive no salary or payment other than prize money from a tournament or sporting event are eligible for a B-1 Visa as business visitors.

B-2 Visas (No Payment)
An amateur athlete or group of athletes competing in an athletic event for which they will receive no payment, other than incidental expenses, are eligible for B-2 Visas as visitors for pleasure.

Athletes (employed) coming to the United States with the intention of engaging in employment will be required to obtain a nonimmigrant work visa (P-1A or O classification) or a green card.

P-1A Visa (for Athletes)
The P-1A visa is often the appropriate choice for athletes and athletic teams of exceptional ability who are coming to the U.S. temporarily, for a specific competition. It is limited to individuals or teams who compete at an internationally recognized level of performance. Individual athletes may remain in the U.S. on a P visa for up to five years. Athletic teams may remain for a period of six months. The P-1S visa is for eligible essential support personnel; P-4 visa (non-working) is for eligible family members.

O-1 Visas (for Athletes of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement)
Issued to foreign based athletes who are coming to the U.S. solely for the purpose of participating in their athletic sport.  The O visa is a temporary (nonimmigrant) visa reserved for those of extraordinary ability in the athletics, arts, business, education or sciences. To be eligible for an O visa, athletes must be uniquely qualified for the position. They must have a residence abroad with no intention of abandoning. The O-2 visa is for eligible essential support personnel The O-3 visa (non-working) is for eligible family members.