Why Global Access


When we say comprehensive, we mean it. You tell us where you need to go,
how many people are on tour, the nationalities and we will handle the rest. It’s that simple.
There is truly no other visa processing firm offering our level of service, especially to the Live Touring / Entertainment Industry. 100 people touring 10 foreign countries?  No problem! When do you need to go?


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Fact: The world of live international touring can be incredibly complex, with frequent schedule and travel changes that inevitably require customized schedules to obtain your travel document.  Global Access is a team of dedicated professionals adept to handling any touring challenge put before us.  Much more than just a visa processing agency — we are your partner and it’s our job to make sure you get to where you need to be, hassle-free and on time.


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The Global Access staff is a proven, dedicated and experienced team of experts who, since our inception in 1993, continue to support our vision of meeting the constant and ever-changing challenges found in the world of international entertainment visa services. We specialize in designing a visa-processing schedule to fit the touring needs of music and entertainment professionals across all genres and nationalities. We provide insight and personal, detail-focused attention to all aspects of your master touring plan.

Our clients continue to range from top-level to upcoming talent, coordinating directly with the involved parties, including: groups or artists, promoters, tour and production managers, artist representatives, and consulates around the globe. At Global Access, you will always receive the VIP visa treatment. Let others wait behind the velvet rope… with our service —          it’s never anything less than red carpet all the way!

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Our Global Access team handles the entertainment work visa process, start to finish, every step of the way. Our proven, time-tested system works, from the time we collect all required materials from you and your tour members to final delivery of your signed and sealed work visas. We pride ourselves on a seamless and turnkey process, and our internal applications, processes and consulate relationships will make your experience that much easier.